Our “fun stuff” ice cream consists of thousands of delicious tiny beads of ice cream that are manufactured at a bizarrely low temperature of -196°C and served at a freezing -40°C (obviously, otherwise your tongue would fall right off !!!). Frosty Melts are without a doubt the coldest ice cream experience on the planet. They are great fun to eat and simply melt away in your mouth. You just can’t get enough. The “fun stuff’ ice cream is available in a scoop form or in pre-packed cups from leading sweet shops in Gauteng. In response to popular demand we’ve packed our 4 best selling flavours in a pre-packed (125ml) tub for convenient handling and transportation.

Our Cool Frosty Flavours

Some of our really cool flavours include banana split, blueberry cheese cake, bubblegum, cappuccino, caramel fudge, groovy grape and many more… Popular at events such as sports days and music festivals our scoop products are available in a wide variety (14 to be exact) of wonderful flavours.